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italy on polaroids



my husband and i recently traveled to rome, florence, and venice, and we came back with full tummies and happy hearts. we had to be minimalists when it came to packing our camera gear so i chose to take my polaroid 600se and john took his pentax 67 and contax g2. some of my favorite images on this post were taken by john, and you can see some of his pictures from this trip on his site.

i loved the idea of only shooting polaroids (the look, the instant gratification, the liberation, what’s not to love?) on this trip but i knew it’d be a challenge because i wouldn’t consider myself an expert with the 600se. i can’t even tell you how many polaroids i had to throw away from overexposing or underexposing even a bit too much. i was a stressed, teary-eyed baby the first few days of this trip because i was totally humbled. nailing focus on this camera is difficult and shooting polaroids requires the utmost accuracy when reading light .. i wasn’t ready for every bit of my technical ability to be tested. but i wouldn’t have these photos to share if it wasn’t an experience i learned from. i will always cherish these photos and the sweat and tears that went into them. i’m just so happy to share these with you because in my eyes, these beautifully capture italy.

fujifilm fp-100c and 3000b

rome, florence, and venice, italy