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fuji 400h
ilford 3200

pittsburgh, pennsylvania


it wasn’t easy for me to share these photographs of marie with you. i felt like these were different from what i’ve shown so far .. and i was concerned that there would be a disconnect in what you can expect from my work. i probably worked on this post, walked away, came back, and reviewed it at least six times before i arrived at the conclusion that i must share it. i simply love them – the images and the session itself. i was so inspired by the connection i had with marie that i think these images relay her beauty, authentically. they really are different from what i’ve shown so far, as they should be. i think that’s what so beautiful about portraiture – you have the freedom to shoot what you feel and capture a connection that is uniquely yours.

pittsburgh, pennsylvania

images were shot on fuji 400h medium format and kodak tri-x 400 35mm.