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alexi and stephen, a pennsylvania engagement


alexi and stephen flew in from san francisco for their engagement session and we had the best time chatting about our shared experiences living in both california and new york. alexi had the brilliant idea of booking the broderie room at phipps conservatory for the first part of our shoot, which was a nice contrast to the snowy and beautiful schenley park. i cannot wait for their lovely greek wedding this fall in pennsylvania!

fuji 400h

pittsburgh, pennsylvania

grey likes weddings, best 13 of 2013


catherine and gilles are getting so much love! grey likes weddings has ranked their wedding as one of their best 13 weddings of 2013. lady grey’s favorites can be seen here and more images from this wedding can be seen here.

… and there is more exciting news coming your way about print publications for a few weddings from 2013 so i cannot wait share that with you!

portra 800

new york, new york

lyric and hunter


lyric is a musician and model from australia, and is roomies with her boyfriend, hunter .. who is also a musician (and well, might as well be a model). i met with lyric for portraits but with her boyfriend there, i did what i love most – shoot couples in love! i really love how simple and organic this shoot came about .. they’re just being themselves in their home. i think this is a good example of how an engagement shoot doesn’t necessarily have to be in a photogenic location or involve a lot of props to make interesting photographs. light, love, and your own personal quirk are all that we really need.

portra 400 and 400tx

new york, new york

yang and minh, a stroll through central park


i got to be in on the surprise for this one:) yang had a master plan of surprising his wife for her birthday with a getaway to nyc, and on top of that –  a portrait session to celebrate her and her youth. i was touched to see her reaction when i gleefully introduced myself to her as yang “casually” scheduled this stroll through central park. as you can see, fall in central park isn’t an awful backdrop and this thoughtful husband and happy wife don’t make a terrible couple:) i couldn’t have asked for better because everything about this shoot was perfection. it was so much fun meeting yang and minh and celebrating her birthday with them in the small way i did.

portra 400

new york, new york